2012/13 Membership: Join online now!

Don't forget the QMTBC membership year starts at the beginning of September.  Join online now by clicking here or go to the QMTBC website and click on the Join Now! tab.  There are heaps of deals and discounts in the pipeline for this season so stay tuned. Why join the club?
  1. Trail Building - The QMTBC are the only organisation building public access technical single-track MTB specific trails in the Wakatipu Basin.
  2. Trail maintenance - 7 Mile, Wynyard DH, Wynyard Freestyle, Gorge Rd jump park, and Jardines park are all managed and maintained by the club.  We get no government or council funding for these areas so your subs go directly to maintaining these areas.
  3. Trail Access - The club is in constant touch with DOC and QLDC to try to open up new trails and areas for biking in the Wakatipu basin.
  4. Backcountry Trails - This year we should be finishing the upgrade to the Moke Lake/Lake Dispute loop (also known as four lakes loop) which will mean you can ride the entire loop without riding on any sealed road.  We are also hoping to start work on a trail linking the bottom of Coronet Peak ski field to Skippers saddle so you can ride all the way down from the top of Coronet to the bottom of Zoot off road.  We are also investigating taking over and possibly extending Fernhill Loop to try and guarantee it's continued status as an iconic Queenstown trail and preserve it's technical character.
  5. Events - We will be running the usual group of events this season including 7x7 Mile, Wynyard Jam, Gorge Rd Jam, Jardines family day, and the newly formed DH subcommittee will be running a low key DH series this summer.
  6. Queenstown Bike Park Advocacy - The club was instrumental in forming the QBP and we are still hard at work in the background trying to ensure it's continued success and sustainability.  There are many challenges around funding for continued maintenance and the club are working closely with Skyline, QLDC and other parties to try and meet these challenges.
What more reasons do you need, head over to your favourite bike shop and join or renew now! Online membership click here.

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