Breakthrough on Moke lake road trail! (and video)

The wednesday vollie crew section working from the bottom up and the daytime crew who are working on the tough middle section have officially met and are now working back down the trail tweaking, fine tuning and trouble shooting any problem spots identified. This means the trail is about 2 thirds completed with just the top km or so to go. We have a site visit from DoC archaeologist at the end of September to monitor tree clearing and bridge building by the historic sites to ensure that they are not damaged. There are a few fragile historic features on the trail including a 150 ish year old hand stacked sludge channel which is at danger of collapsing if not treated very carefuly. We ask that riders do not pass this feature as if it falls in we will get in big trouble!!! Thanks for your respect for the hard work put in, wont be too long until the trail is finished and there will be an alternative way from the road into the beautiful moke lake area. In other news, Reasonable New Tom is at danger of losing his lead in the diggiest digger winter 2012 award. Wade 'Simmons' Kechington is snapping at his heels. Also we are worried about Dave O'great one who brings beer' Fahey. He has been MIA for a while now and we are scared he has playing on the dark side. Rememer dave...Dirt is the new snow, not the other way round! If you head out on Wednesday. head in from the 2nd switchback on the moke lake road. you'll see the cars parked and follow the arrows/smell. Until next time. Make the dirt, move the dirt. Tom building one of the bridges: httpv://

3 thoughts on “Breakthrough on Moke lake road trail! (and video)

  1. what an irony that bikers have to tread carefully around some “unstable” miner’s rock tailings. unstable would have seen them fall down during the 150 years they were stacked! the walking trail highways that are built simply plough right through such historic sites. 2 sides to the coin.
    if no track was built up to moke these tailings would never be seen again.

  2. Snow is snow and dirt is dirt and we must shred them both equally as hard, as both the dirt and snow god require equal love. You will be pleased to know though that a lack of work commitments this week will se me returning to the frontier. Prepare for progress like you have never seen before… And mabye a beer or two.

  3. I saw Mr Fahey yesterday. He looked vaguely like a panda. Which means goggles, which means skiing, which means he has been turned to the dark side. BUT we will take him back so long as he continues to bring beer…… especially some of that fancy stuff…..

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