Final One Square Meal Cyclocross race

riders in big puddle
The Queenstown Trails Trust kindly provided an added water feature...
We wanted mud, and we got it. Heavy rain the night before created near perfect conditions for cyclocross on Sunday (only near perfect, as the 15oC temperature was a tad warm). The new course, which incorporated the new Queenstown Trail alignment, created a large water feature in the centre of the course, 10 metres long and between 0.3 and 0.6 m deep depending on your alignment. The water feature was rideable, but many chose to run it carrying there bikes. Just as well we have 9 months to replace our bearings before the cross season kicks off again.
Gav lead from the start with Brent (right) and Hamish (left) hot on his heels.
Gav Mason continued his dominance of the series, winning by another comfortable margin over Hamish Frazer and Brent Herdson. Today’s result also reflected the overall series – Gavin winning on the perfect score of 180 points, Frazer close behind on 177 points, Brent five points behind Frazer on 172 points. Other notable efforts were Rick Woodward finishing fourth on 166 points (having competing on 4 different bikes through the series) and Brendan Callaghan wining his own imaginary single speed division on 150 points. Anja McDonald won the women’s category on 120 points ahead of Hannah Thorne.
rider next to bike
CX pro Matt Weir changed out of his one-piece lycra outfit before we could get a photo of him.
Matt Weir made a special appearance at the race donning a one piece lyca skin suit and flat peddles. An odd combination that was brought together by his freshly shaven legs. A big thanks to One Square Meal, Outside Sports, Element, Feast Advertising, Mitre 10, Vivian+Espie, AJ Hackett Bungy, Remarkables Park, Winter Festival and Van Asch Wines for making the series a reality. There are no plans a foot for next year yet … however rumor has it Queenstown may be hosting the national title race once again.                  
cow bell being presented
Race director Carey Vivian presenting series winner Gav Mason with the series trophy.
riders on muddy road
The Queenstown Trail section (to be)
riders carrying bikes up steep hill
Not the Queenstown Trail!

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