Post Winter Trail Maintenance

It's time for some pre-season trail maintenance to get the club managed areas ready for another big season.  There are already predictions that it'll be the biggest season yet so the better condition we can get the trails in  the longer they'll last and the less often they will need to be closed for maintenance during the summer.  we don't have a huge amount of money to spend so we also need volunteers.  If you think you can help out sign up on the Trail Building page of the website.  In order to build sustainable new trails we need to be able to maintain the existing ones as well as the new ones.  The more volunteers we can get the more new trails we can build. Don't know anything about building trails?  Don't worry there is a lot of easy but essential work to be done like sweeping debris and loose rocks off the trails and clearing existing drains.  You'll also be supervised by people who know what they are doing so sign up now and we'll let you know when and where to show up. Areas that need volunteers:
  • 7 Mile
  • Wynyard DH
  • Jardine Park
If you have an interest or ride any of these areas then give us a hand maintaining them by signing up as a volunteer and then coming along to the organised maintenance days.

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