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The new membership year has started, (Sept 1 to August 31) so if you have not joined in the last six weeks you are not yet a member! (anyone who joined in August gets automatic membership for 2012/13 too) Sign up online here and you will save our volunteers the job of typing your details into our membership database so they can go for a ride instead!  If you don't have a credit card or don't trust that interweb thingy you can sign up at most of the bike shops, R&R have now got the membership forms for 2012/13. The membership discounts for the 2012/13 seasons are also rolling in, R&R are again offering an awesome 20% off MTB products up to $300 for members and Skyline have announced that the first 150 seasons passes sold are eligible for a %10 discount for members so go and sign up now!

4 thoughts on “Membership Update – Join now!

  1. Joined last year, and will again this year, even though I’m from Blenheim, and visit once a year (more to support the club, than get discounts). Would be a big bonus if Skyline did the discount on all passes though, and I’m sure it would boost the club membership, which can only be a good thing.

  2. how many members are there now and why is the skyline 10% limited to 150 people? how much did skyline up the prices again for this year?!

    1. Simon, the hope is that the discount will be available for ALL club members, the “first 150” thing was something Skyline did outside of any of this.

      Member numbers:
      Pre 2009: hovering around 70 per year.
      2009/10: Around about 100 (don’t have this figure in front of me sorry)
      2010/11: 216
      2011/12: 433

      We do not have figures as to how many discounts that Skyline gave to club members although I have asked a couple of times. Of course the discount was not available in 09/10 and there are other factors in the increase in membership not least being the amazing discounts the bikes shops and other local businesses give to club members.

      Loving all the comments keep it coming!

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