QMTBC to assist in maintenance costs of Queenstown Bike Park 2012/2013 season

The Committee decided last Thursday to make a conditional one-off donation of $2,000 to the Queenstown Trails Trust as a contribution to maintenance costs of the Queenstown Bike Park for the forthcoming season. This one-off donation is a big favour, bought about by a large shortfall in the maintenance budget for the forthcoming season. Last year there was $44,000 in the maintenance budget thanks to QLDC, the Queenstown Trails Trust and Vertigo Bikes. Skyline also undertook a lot of maintenance within the park (both of Hammy’s and the secondary trails). This year there is substantially less money available (around $20,000 given by the QLDC). The Queenstown Trails Trust are unable to contribute any money this year as they are still fundraising to complete the Queenstown Trail (due to open next month). The Trails Trust have been really good to the Club in the past, and the Committee decided this was an appropriate time to make a conditional one-off donation back to the Trust to say thank you for their past support. While the Club acknowledge that they are under no obligation to make this donation, we are in a good financial position to make the one-off donation and we hope it may entice other organisations involved in or profiting from Queenstown Bike Park to do the same. $2,000 is a lot of money for the Club, which is why we have attached conditions to our offer to donate that will see the money is put to it’s best use. It is hoped that this one-off donation will also mean that Skyline will continue to offer QTMBC members discounts on passes. Since Skyline and many other local businesses started offering discounts to club members over the last two years, the club membership (and subsequent income from membership) has risen significantly to over 400 members. A big thanks to all local businesses that offer member discounts and we will advise of the discounts as they arise. The decision to make the conditional one-off donation was not made lightly. In the end it came down to a vote of six committee members (with Nathan Greenwood abstaining from the vote due to a conflict of interest), with four committee members voting in favour of making the donation and two (including Club president Tom Hey) voting not to make the donation. One of the main deciding factors was to try to secure the discount from Skyline in order to save QMTBC members money while continuing to grow the club. The Committee are really interested in members feedback on this issue. We stress that it is a one-off donation and the Club will continue to lobby Skyline to grow, maintain and patrol the park without the Club’s involvement in the future.

19 thoughts on “QMTBC to assist in maintenance costs of Queenstown Bike Park 2012/2013 season

  1. A note that I received yesterday (that had never been passed on to us) – in relation to the Slopestyle

    As part of the conditions for this event Southern Traverse Ltd made a payment to the Council Property Sub Committee of $1300, which was noted ‘will be used to maintain mountain bike tracks in the Ben Lomond Reserve.’
    (this payment was on top of the car park use fees)

    Southern Traverse Ltd combined with Outside Sports also paid $2,000 (in the financial year 2012-13) towards trail maintenance.

    Both of these payments were in addition to the trail maintenance paid as part of the two events in the Qtn Bike Park

  2. Personally I would prefer that the club didn’t donate the money in exchange for a club member discount. Instead I would prefer that this money was used for the maintainence and patrol of the park by skyline. Thus avoiding the need for the club to be involved in any exchange of any money. I understand that discounts for club members encourages member sign up but it also sets a precedent that skyline can use in future years. This is just my opinion and I shall let it rest there.

  3. I think I’m just gonna shutup as I just seem to put my foot in it with any Skyline/maintenance discussion. It really fires me up. The club is a great one, I’m just not into the donation. And now I’ll be quiet!

    1. Don’t keep too quiet Jimmy we want to hear all points of view! Rest assured that the committee is watching all these comments and the points raised will be discussed!

      Tec – it was posted to the club Facebook page at the same time as to the website but all it’s got on FB is two likes and no comments. Besides to comment on FB you need an account and not everyone has or wants one and we want comments from everyone not just FB users.

      Keep the comments coming in people ,here or on Facebook of you want 😉

  4. Can the club put this discussion on their fb page as it would be a much better forum for people wanting to comment….

  5. Jimmy, from what i hear it was a very hard decision for the comittee members to take, but i think they have done very well in glueing all concerned parties together.
    Hope skyline honchos put down their financial times and read stuff like this sometimes.

  6. The club does do wonders and the riding scene would be primitive if it wasn’t for it’s efforts over the years, and of course I will remain a member. But it’s not just me though, half a dozen of the above comments share the view that the club shouldn’t have forked out!

  7. Hi guys, I am part of the CHCH MTB scene, soon to live in Wanaka, QMBC Great club BTW. I organise the Lyt. Urban DH with some mates. I do feel for you all, and I can see how if the club fronts up the other stake holders can continue to hide. There will be a NZ wide move to have MTB riders in general donate on line for their facilities, bikenz driven thing, a project can then apply for funding. CHCHCC is the worst at providing funds. MTB Trusts and trail alliances are the way to go but all stake holders, riders and businesses need to understand this stuff if not free any more, the volunteer hours are limited and expertise is a necessity. hard for the club and I hope everyone is still friends at the end of the day. Cheers

  8. I think people should read the announcement again. Th edonation is to the Trails TRUST! Not Skyline.
    The Bike Park is on a community recreation reserve and has both walking and biking trails. There are also a large number of bikers that use the park without gondola assistance.
    Good on QMTBC to make this gesture at a time when the Trails Trust is uo to its neck in commitments to the Queenstown Trail. The trust is a big hitter and moves in circles the QMTBC can only dream about entering. The trust has raised something like 2.4 million for the Queenstown trail. Has anybody noticed the scale of the construction of this trail. Imagine what a Trails Trust/QMTBC alliance can achieve in the Bike Park in the future.
    QMTBC and the Trails Trust need to keep their eyes on the prize for their members and the wider community as the community goals are not often aligned with skylines goal (which is MORE PROFIT FOR SHAREHOLDERS!)

    PS I renewed my QMTBC Family membership and bought my Skyline pass on Friday.Bring it!

  9. This biggest mistake anyone can make is thinking Skyline give a shit. The bike park is but a number on a spreadsheet with a $ sign to them, and they just want that number to be as big as possible. Really gutted the club are donating money, I don’t want to be a part of a club that gives in. Mountain biking needs a voice and a backbone in QT, and I think we’ve failed in quite a crucial test.

    The discount is insignificant compared to important issues like having a patrol and having maintenance allocated evenly throughout the whole hill.

    The QBP needs to be run properly if it is to succeed in the long run. Skyline need to start playing ball. The only model that works is for the company taking the profits to fund maintenance. It is for Skyline to start looking after ALL trails, not just Hammy’s. And if they’re not prepared to do so, the whole thing will eventually fall flat on it’s arse.

    Please retract the $2,000 donation. This is something all club members need to have a vote on.

    Skyline – stop scrounging from others. There’s no honour in that.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way Jimmy I just hope you can see past this decision that you so strongly disagree with and see the other good work the club is doing and remain a member. The Moke lake trail is coming along really well, we should be starting on a new trail from the bottom of Greengates to Skippers saddle this year and a lot of club effort and money goes into maintaining 7 Mile, Wynyard, Gorge rd as well as the easier trails at Jardine park.

  10. Difficult. The club may get the moral high ground but I believe they’re wrong to pay the money as they’re a non-profit organisation donating money to help a money lead business make more money. The QMTBC money should be used for non bike park trails. Skyline and the QLDC are the 2 groups who must fund the bike park for it to be successful in the long term and truly make QT a world class MTB destination.

  11. I agree with the above comments. a not for profit versus commercial outfits out to profit will never be a good mix. one party will always milk the hard endeavours of the other. they have completely different agendas and methods of operation.
    the way i see it it is a shame skyline have basically taken over the park. who were the people that put in the hard yards. i would rather see those that do the hard yards benefit. but at the end of the day money talks.
    a pity the passes are so pricey. great if you have a job that sees you out there all the time, no good if you have to work the majority of the time to survive and just want occasional use – then you are paying tourist dollars.
    if i was rich i would have chucked an old ski chairlift up from fernie to higher up above skyline. dreams are dreams.
    in terms of current money collections, where does all the skyline money go? the logical idea would be to factor in maintenance costs in the lift passes.

  12. Great to see honest sensible opinions posted here…..THE only long term plan for the bike park is for the lift provider to take responsibility….just like any other park in the world! It’s the only model that works. The club and private companies can not commit year after year, it’s time for skyline to decide if they want the park or not,,,,,,,,,it’s that final. I hope for all the hard work of many people the park is here to stay. Skyline?

  13. A shrewd decision and a small investment that should give QMTBC the high ground in future. QLDC is well short with its $20K. A voluntary organisation is fronting 10% of the QLDC contribution, that is a disgrace to QLDC – not QMTBC. Redirect any criticism of QMTBC toward QLDC.

  14. Very interesting subject.
    It begs the question: How much money is being made from biking in this town? That is a question that cannot be answered easily. Its not just bike rental shops that make money, what about eateries? and hotels/accomodation providers? and petrol stations? Very interesting indeed. I for one am not qualified to make any statements, but i am of the opinion that Skyline are taking a whole lot of money from Queenstown and have been for a good few years. I like the fact that the gondola is open for use, its great! But come on guys. Take responsibility or close. We absolutely need a bike patrol. We absolutely need trail maintanance. Please don’t just take. I love Queenstown, and i love it more when the gondola is open! So do the tourists! So does every business in town. MTB is growing and will continue to do so. Good work QMTBC!

  15. really? they put the prices up then the club has to put more money into trail maintenance for them?
    I’m with Tom’s vote, 2k would be better spent on volunteer built trails like the Moke lake trail or 7mile.

  16. Other parties be it private or commercial should stay well away from any payment towards QBP. The park can only work long term from the view of it being run commercially by the lift provider,,,,,,that’s Skyling Enterprises…..by offering a donation it only prolongs this terminal position another season….the parks needs to be taken on by them solely or close….simple. I for one have worked hard to see the park open but the requests of donations will not secure a long term future for the park…….man up qtown mtb club

  17. I strongly disagree with the decision the committee has made on this matter. A non profit organisation (QMTBC) should not be funding a PROFIT making organisation. That’s my feedback for what it is worth.

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