Fresh dirt…

Well a brief return to winter and a lot of precipitation is providing good conditions for maintenance on the trails.  Its also providing a welcome change in riding conditions - after all it is mountain biking and riding in the wet is bloody good fun!  However fresh trails need time to set up and there appears to be some riders not prepared to wait their turn. With more weather and heavy rain forecast for Friday all riders need to stay away from all closed trails and respect temporary closures while things set up.  Soft fresh dirt ruts and washes away very easily it needs time to settle and compact before it can be ridden, especially in the wet. With the money being invested by QLDC, Skyline and other interested parties it is in our best interests to protect the work currently in progress. There appears to be a few riders not respecting current trail closures and causing al lot of damage. Can we please request that all riders stay off closed trails, read and understand that all trail closures are in place for a reason. We do not close trails lightly and always try to maintain enough open trails so everyone can have a good time. This  applies to QBP and all QMTBC managed areas. Please do not shame yourself and disrespect the hard work and money spent in preparing these trails for a long summer of riding. A little more patience and soon enough we will all be able to reap the rewards.  

3 thoughts on “Fresh dirt…

  1. awsome work guys – which tracks can we ride at the moment up skyline… can we come back down hammy’s? and is the walking track that runs parallel to hammys for bikes and walkers or just a walking track? cheers bob

    1. Bob, the work in QBP is not being done by the club, I think it is being done by Phatlines who are the primary contractor for the QBP at the moment. There is a track parallel to Hammeys that is a waking track only -no bikes, check the various maps about if you are unsure. I’m not aware of the day to day changes but when I rode up Hammeys Thursday night it was not closed, I got all the way up and back down without coming across any tape or signs.

  2. Maybe some signage on skyline at bottom saying ALL trails closed? Didn’t realise that they were all being worked on until i went up there. Maybe put on sign which trail remains open so people who don’t realise can get back down without damaging anything? I don’t want to ride on recently fixed trails but when i don’t know where they are its hard!

    Good solid taping work on Original tho! And good work it looks awesome up there!

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