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The dig this Sunday (23/9) is at 10am at the top of IB55. There have been a few people asking about the work that is currently going on on IB55 out at 7 mile. I have spoken to Karl Johnson who is doing the work with Glen Buckland along with other volunteers so we can hopefully put everyones minds at rest. Although the trail might have seemed in reasonable condition when riding it, on closer inspection it was getting a bit worn with retaining logs rotting away and erosion starting to damage the trail. It also did not seem to be being used as much as it deserved. Karl and Glen and have taken on the project to give the trail an up grade by keeping as much of the original trail as possible and keeping all root sections in the trail. The concept is to have a short berm section at the start of the trail to make it more obvious that there is a trail there (the trail is often obscured by pine needles) as some riders did not seem to know where the trail started. A new drop then signals the transition to the original trail where they are looking at keeping it pretty much original with a few small berms - a few more drops and cleaning the trees back off the trail. The trail was originally a black diamond run and that is how they are going to build it. Karl and Glen are not planning on putting in any go-arounds. The plan is to have the trail open again in November as long as it sets up and the club are intending on putting on a bbq for the volunteers and the first ride down the trail to open it. The next trail building day on IB55 is on Sunday the 23rd of September and there will be another beginning of October date to be decided. If you want to get an invite to the opening BBQ and first ride you will have to come along and help out as it will be for those who volunteered their time on the build. To find out about all of the the trail building days the club runs go to the trail building page and sign up as a volunteer.

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  1. Thumbs up to everyone who volunteers their spare time to do trail work.There seems to be a few good groups now and your work is hugely appreciated. IB55 was neglected and as an original trail in 7 mile, has finally got the lovin’ it deserves!.Rich.

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