Fernhill loop to be taken on by QMTBC

fernhill loop
Start of the tree fall on Fernhill Loop
The Queenstown mountain bike club are currently in discussion with the QLDC and DOC to take over the management of the iconic Fernhill loop trail that goes from the halfway clearing on the Skyline access road to Fernhill.  The QLDC recently announced that it was ceasing to maintain the trail and officially closing it but so far seem happy for the mountain bike club to take it under their wing as one of the many trails in the Wakatipu that it maintains and keeps open for mountain bikers. At the last club committee meeting  club trail builders and committee members Tom Hey and Nathan Greenwood reported on their recent inspections of the trail.  The current structures are all sound and they are confident that the club can re-open it for summer clearing the windfall halfway around and beating back the broom that is choking the Fernhill end.  The plan was approved by the whole committee and the next step is to extend the management agreement the club has with DOC to cover the sections on DOC land and form an agreement with QLDC for the sections on their land.  Long term the goal is to maintain it and keep the existing character including the classic tough rooty sections.  It will be maintained as a MTB trail not a walking trail! Locals have been loving and maintaining this trail for many years and the club hopes to keep working with all who want to be involved including the guys from Outside Sports who have been helping keep the trail open in recent years.

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  1. also awesome.
    great to hear of a trail being keep in it’s condition as opposed to being highwayed.

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