New Moke Lake trail almost ready, come and help out!

water channel
Features like this built by the gold diggers over 100 years ago were in danger of being destroyed by the roots of the nearby trees. The trees have been removed and there will be a bridge over this channel.
The new section of the Moke lake lake trail is nearing completion with the crew on Wednesday building the second-to-last bridge and finishing off the top section.  There's just a bridge in the middle to build that Tom was hoping to get done this week, the bottom section to open (entrance/exit) and a bit of tidying up in a few places.  With the work the daytime crew are doing it might even get finished off this/next Wednesday night. So if you want to be there for the final dig you'd better come along for the next couple of Wednesday digs. To find the crew head out of town towards Glenorchy and then park in the 7 Mile carpark on about 50m past theturn off to Moke Lake.   The crew will be at the trail head just accross the road from the carpark.  The guys are normally out there from about 5pm. If you want to help out but can't get out there jump on the QMTBC facebook page and post a message asking for a lift or put a comment on the website on this post.

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