Logging closures on Ben Lomond (QBP)

The QLDC will start harvesting the next section of pines in the Ben Lomond Reserve this week (see the map at the bottom of this post on the QMTBC website).  This will affect the access road which will be closed Mon till Fri 8am till 5.30pm over the next couple of months and the Fantrail track will be closed for periods when they are felling around it. It is expected that Fantrail will have two periods of closure:
  1. Wednesday 17th October to Friday the 19th October
  2. 5th November till the 18th December
Both closures will be during harvest operation hours (8am till 5.30pm).  Skyline will give more precise information closer to the time you are probably best keeping an eye on the QBP facebook page for the latest details.   Full details of the logging operations can be found in this offical notice. Details of the harvest: Forest: Ben Lomond Reserve Location: Below Skyline Road (Below last year’s cutover) Duration: 17th October – 18th December 2012 Time: Mon till Fri 8am till 5.30pm Harvesting Method: Ground based Area: 4 ha Contractor: Collett contracting - Dave Collett   Skyline Road Skyline road will be closed to bikers and walkers from Monday till Friday 8.00am till 5.30pm, alternative routes to the midway clearing must be used (please see attached document for further details). Vehicles: The road will be open to vehicles if there is no tape/rope across the road. No tape means you are free to use the road at any time as the harvesting crew will be felling within the block. If the road is taped/roped it means that the road is closed. You cannot enter the taped area until you have the ‘all clear’ from a crew member.
Map of the area being harvested click for a bigger image.

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