Moke Lake trail final corner and vollies BBQ

Last wed saw 15 people head out to try and smash out the final section of the moke lake trail. We were faced with a stretch of impenetrable bush that you could barely see through and thanks to a chainsaw wielding Blair Christmas you can now ride your bike through it. The rest of the crew tweaked a few sections further up and Ramon and Ross cleared the whole trail and put some finising touches on some bridges. In the end we got about 10m from completing the end with just one turn and a bit of clearing to do. Plan this week is to smash out the final final bit and then get the bikes out for some 'product testing' then QMTBC will put on a BBQ and beers for our legendary vollies and we will argue over a suitable name. So if you came to even one dig then head on out and bring your bike. Bottom of Moke Lake Road from 5.30. In other news, Wade 'Simmons' Kechington is leading the diggiest digger race with Reasonably new Tom close behind. Big welcome back to Dave 'Oh great one who brings us beer' Fahey who has found his way from the ski field back to the dirt battlefield. Good to have you back oh great one. The trail should be complete from wed bar one corner where we have hit bedrock and are still scratching our heads on the best way to fix it. Some kind of noisy rock breaker or explosives may be in order. Regardless, we'll get her done soon! She's still pretty wet up top from lots of underground seeps but it's not cricket so we'll just have to get muddy for a bit! Huge thanks to anyone who came and helped out over the course of the build. We couldn't have done it without you! Any trail name suggestions? Stick them in the comments below. Bear in mind the gold mining theme.

4 thoughts on “Moke Lake trail final corner and vollies BBQ

  1. Gold Digga sounded good to me… but a few more for the mix… (it’s a busy day at work! ; )

    Atomic 79
    Element 79
    Aye U!
    The Gold Shower
    Gold Rush
    Prospect Trail
    Gold Fingerer
    Goldie in my Chain
    Goldie Rocks

  2. Hey Simon, that Rock breaker would be epic. we can wheelbarrow a geerator in there from the top. 2000 watts be sweet. SEnd me an email at trails at with your number and ‘ll be in touch,

  3. i’ve got a small jackhammer that would sort that bedrock if i could get mobile power in there. only needs a couple of thousands watts! done quite a bit of digging out that way so should be a breeze!

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