Atlas supports QMTBC

Allusive committee member Nathan Greenwood, normally found digging in the dirt, is also proving adept at raising sponsorship money!
You may have seen in last weeks Mountain Scene that Atlas Beer Cafe has generously donated $5000 towards the maintenance of the Wynyard DH and Freeride area.  This goes a long way towards meeting the maintenance costs for the area this year along with the club's commitment to at least match it. The work to prepare the area for what is shaping up to be the biggest season yet is well under way with the Dream and Mini Dream recently getting major facelifts and the DH getting plenty of TLC.  The DH track got over 10,000 runs on it during the season last year and who knows how many this summer.  There'll be some photos coming soon so stay tuned. Get on down to Atlas for the best beer in town and show your support of those that support the club!

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