Trail notes…

There are more trails opening after post winter maintenance but there are still a couple closed.  IB55 is still currently closed waiting for it to firm up after the hard work put in by the crew out there. There have been a few people riding it and screwing up some of the fine work that has been done necessitating even more volunteer hours to fix it. Please keep off IB55 until it officially re-opens. We hate closing trails but they need to set-up properly after maintenance so they will last the season.
Kachoong will be closed for huck reparation, it won't be closed long but again please respect the closure so we can all enjoy this fine section of sublime sinuous singletrack for the summer.
Moke lake trail (Name TBC) soft opening, lots of mud high up and will be draggy whilst it beds in. Edges are still soft so ride with care and get to know the trail, some of those trees want your bars!
Wed night dig this week - We are going to be giving B.o.B some loving to make sure it's ready or a summer of shred. We will fix the blown out drain on the walking track too before it eats the trail away. Meet at 5.30 at the 7 mile town end car park

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