7 Mile Maintenance and Structures

7 Mile is buffed and ready to rock for another great summer, everything is now open except for IB55 which is still setting up at the bottom.  Over the last couple of months all of the trails have received attention ranging from a light touch-up and sweep to significant upgrades to drainage and retaining structures.  Unfortunately though a lot of the original log rides have now rotted out and needed to be removed.  We have also just had completed the annual structure engineer inspection as required by the management agreement the club has with DOC.  Unfortunately it turns out that more structures have rotted out supports than we originally thought so there are some more to come out.  It is unclear how much these were being used so if you are a keen user of these structures please let us know so we know if it is worthwhile replacing them or we are better off spending out our limited resources on new trails instead.  Let us know by commenting on the website or facebook page.

One thought on “7 Mile Maintenance and Structures

  1. I know it cost a lot to build wood stunts but I do feel the wood stunts bring that Tech element to the trails. I have build some wood stunts and don’t mind helping to draw out and build some new stunts. There is a place for wood stunts it is a big part of free ride.

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