Skyline Road closures

For the next couple for days there will be tree felling along the edge of Skyline road. Skyline road will be closed to bikers and walkers from Monday till Friday 8.00am till 5.30pm, alternative routes to the midway clearing must be used for bikers and walkers. Vehicles:
  • If the road is taped/roped it means that the road is closed. You cannot enter the taped area until you have the ‘all clear’ from a crew member. There will just be short delays while the road is taped
  • The road will be open to vehicles if there is no tape/rope across the road. No tape means you are free to use the road at any time as the harvesting crew will be felling within the block.
If you have any contractors using the road can you please tell them about the road closures.  

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