Resource consent for new QMTBC trail

The QMTBC has just received resource consent to build a brand new mountain bike trail from near the bottom of the Greengates chairlift on Coronet peak to the cattle grid just above the Skippers Rd turn-off.  This is the result of a big effort from a variety of people donating their professional time to the cause.
surveyors in mist
Bruce and Jason surveying the new trail for thr resource consent. Bruce McLeod close, Jason Rhind behind
Thanks to Bruce at Aurum Survey Consultants for surveying the alignment and calculating earthworks for free, Vivian+Espie for preparing the resource consent application for free, and Lakes Environmental for sponsoring the application fee to process the application. Also thanks to Tom Hey and Jason Rhind for assisting with the surveying and trail alignment. The next step is to do another survey to plan out the works required and then raise the money to get the trail built. The Club has approached a local business with a sponsorship partnership proposal to raise the necessary funds to build the trail. If that falls through, then the Club needs to find $10,000 to build the trail. Anyone with any ideas can contact the club using the details on the About page on the website (scroll to the bottom for an email form)
satellite picture with trail overlaid
Map of the approved trail

3 thoughts on “Resource consent for new QMTBC trail

  1. Maybe since the Queenstown Trails Trust has leveled so much of our single track in the basin, they’d be keen to support this new trail with some funding?

    1. Ha ha, nice idea but I think they are still trying to pay for their own trail. Maybe once that’s complete we can work with them on MTB trails….

    2. Wow you must prescient, the QTT are giving the club $10k towards the Rude Rock trail! – Do you know where I lost my keys?

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