Volunteers receive Skyline season passes

A wee while back Skyline donated a couple of season passes to the Queenstown mountain bike club.   In the end it was decided to use them to award special recognition to a couple of club members who have been putting in the hours volunteering on trail building and other club activities.  It is volunteers like these that keep the club running and delivering the awesome trails and events we all enjoy!  The passes were awarded at the recent photo competition and calendar launch prize giving. One went to Wade 'Simmons' Kechington for being the diggiest digger for winter 2012. He only missed about 2 digs all winter and contributed about 50 hours of making and moving dirt to help complete gold digger for the whole MTB community to enjoy. The other went to Ramon Lavia who volunteers for EVERYTHING! He has been a marshall, jump shaper, trail builder and general legend all for free and all because of his love of MTB in Queenstown. The diggiest digger is back up for grabs for summer 2012-13 from now until the AGM in May we can't say if there will be a prize other than the golden pick but are open to donations.   Next up we are working to fix some problem areas on the moonlight track thanks to permission from the Foster family who own the land. Walk/ride in from the Arthur's Point form 5.30pm every Wednesday night.

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