New trail spotlight: Gold Digger

Check out some pix of the spankin new GOLD DIGGER trail. Help us make more like this by joining the club, buying out tees and grabbing a copy of our AWESOME 2013 calendar
sign at start of trail
At the top of the GOLD DIGGER trail. Start riding up from near the bottom of the Moke Lake Road. The top is just before the cattle grid on the Moke Lake Road.
trail with mountain on horizon
Walter Peak in the distance.
bridge over creek
You'll cross the 7 mile creek many times on straight, wide wooden bridges.
The track weaves through tailings left over from mining days gone past
...more mine tailings from days gone past
broken helmet on side of trail
A historic cross country helmet from the gold mining days 😉

One thought on “New trail spotlight: Gold Digger

  1. Great track, really enjoyed the downhill, well done to all the guys& girls that built this track

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