Wednesday crew @ Moonlight

rock bridge over creek
Nice work!
The Wednesday night trail building crew have already been making big improvements to the Moonlight trail after just one week! The first un-rideable section over the first creek is now fully ridable built up with the surrounding rocks into a stunning rock bridge au naturale! The team will be out again this Wednesday and there is always room for more volunteers so come along and help out.¬† They will be starting around 5:30pm - just park at the end of the road and ride/walk out to where the tools will be waiting for you. This classic ride is about to get better - watch out!      
new section of trail and rock bridge
The first un-ridable section of this classic trail is now a sweet natural rock bridge.

One thought on “Wednesday crew @ Moonlight

  1. Hey guys, great work on the moonlight trail, looks like you are doing a sensational job on an iconic trail. Look forward to being in qtown again early next year to give u a hand, regards , Angus.

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