Queenstown DH Summer Series

Queenstown DH poster, Sex Pistols style complete with Queen riding DH rig
Never mind the bollocks it's the QT DH Series!
The DH race series has been developing over the last few weeks but it's now all set in wet concrete.  The confirmed dates are:
  • Race 1 - Dec 16 - Queenstown Bike Park
  • Race 2 - Jan 13 - Original Remarks DH track
  • Race 3 - Jan 27  - Queenstown Bike Park
  • Race 4 - Feb 10 - Wynyard Express DH Track
  • Race 5 - Feb 24 - Remarks Grass Track
  • Race 6 - Mar 10 - Queenstown Bike Park
Keep a close eye on the QTDH Facebook page and the QMTBC website for more details as we get closer to the dates. At the moment it looks like registration starting at 9:30am at the Ride centre for the first race.

Entry costs

NON QMTBC MEMBERS: $20 per individual round QMTBC MEMBERS: $5 per individual round, or $25 for the entire series! You can pay when you sign on before each round, or if you're in it for the series, just pay the once at the first round.

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