Queenstown’s Mega Avalanche?

Photo from Queenstown Bike Festival website
Last week an exciting new event appeared on the Queenstown Bike Festival website, The Remarkables Mega Avalanche.  Described by Wikipedia a Meagavance is "a mountainbike downhill marathon style event that mixes gravity-assisted excitement with enduro levels of fitness, guaranteed to test both nerve and physique"  The Queenstown Bike Festival website describes the new race as a "wild ride" consisting of 1680m of descent from the top of the Remarks visible from Queenstown to the bottom of last year's NZ cup DH track.  Details are yet to be finalised but with the Teva Slopestyle, Dirtmasters downhill, Speights Summit Super D 6 hour enduro, and Tour de Wakatipu this year's Queenstown bike festival is shifing into an even higher gear!  For more info visit the Queenstown Bike Festival website.  

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