Rude Rock Trail to be Open Next Year!

Thanks to an amazing combined effort, the Club have all the relevant permissions and funding to start on Rude Rock Trail this Christmas. Rude Rock Trail starts to the left of Greengates Chair at Coronet Peak and runs some 3.5 to 4 km downslope to Skippers turn Off - where it can then link into the Pack Pack and Zoot Tracks. The trail is proposed to be a cross country downhill, similar in style to the existing cross country downhill at Coronet Peak (meaning rideable up and down). The Coronet, Rude Rock and Pack Track trails combined will be one of the longest purpose built cross country downhill rides in NZ. Last week the Queenstown Trails Trust confirmed a grant which enables up to three weeks of excavator and operator time to scratch out the alignment. The trail will then need to be manicured by club volunteers. The Club is at present working through the logistics of making this all happen as soon as possible. Thanks to all everyone who has made this happen so quickly; Vivian + Espie Planning, Aurum Surveyors, Department of Conservation,, Lakes Environmental, Jason Rhind, Tom Hey and the Queenstown Trails Trust.

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