Rude Rock photo update

Classic Queenstown scenery from the top of the new Rude Rock Trail.
Breakthrough on Rude Rock! She's in to the bottom. Just needs some rain before it's ridden in and a DOC inspection so we can get the thumbs up to open it. Won't be long. PLEASE be patient and wait till we get the green light to open it so we can build more trails in the future! The trail is also too dry and needs moisture so it doesn't turn to dust. Apparently the rain is coming very soon!  We hope to build a link from near the bottom of this trail to the top of of the Skaippers pack track but there is a big mountain shaped blob of private land in the way.  We are trying to get permission to extend the trail over this land and so far it is looking good but it ain't over till be get permission so keep your fingers crossed...
Wondering why the trail is called Rude Rock?
Lovely swooping corners...
Beautiful rolling singletrack...
Naturally banked corners...
Drainage built to last!
Evan (in the digger) and Tom taking the lead.
Jarrah bringing up the rear putting the native fauna back helping the natural feel of the trail.
Another gratuitous shot of Rude Rock with the natural looking trail in the fore...ground.

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