Fernhill Loop passable again

Thanks to QMTBC and Phatlines you can once again ride from Fernhill to the Skyline Rd midway point via Fernhill loop.  The big tree fall at the top of Fernhill loop has been cleared and the guys from Phatlines have cleared any hazards they found along the way. While it is still passable the broom is getting a bit thick on the Fernhill side so they'll be brushcutting that back soon too.  This track is 'backcountry' standard so don't expect an easy ride but it is also one of the most iconic trails in the region so get into it!
fernhill loop
Before - Start of the tree fall on Fernhill Loop - This is what it has been like for the last 18 months or so.
rough trail with logs either side
After - It's no highway but that's why it's called Mountain Biking!

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