New Bike Festival event – Rock and Roll Enduro

This year's Super D filled up so fast that the Queenstown Bike Festival organisers decided to fast track their plans for an Enduro.  So, one year early, they are introducing the Rock 'n Roll Enduro featuring Queenstown's newest trail and (probably) it's oldest! Here is how the organisers describe it (visit the Bike Fest website for full details and to enter): It's brand new and it is based on the concept that riding with friends is fun. Enjoy racing them in the downhill sections and then ride at your own pace on the 'liaison' stage to the next timed downhill. Enduro races are equal parts fitness and skill. Our course consists of 4 timed "special" stages which take place on single track intermediate level trails on generally descending terrain. These special stages are linked by untimed ascending "liaison" stages. Entry Fee: $50 Categories?: Men, Women, Open (all ages, 16+) Masters 40+ The Course is? - XC Trail Coronet Peak / Rude Rock / Skippers Pack Track and Zoot. Bikes Competitors must use the same bike for all sections. Protective Equipment. It’s compulsory to wear at least a XC-Helmet during the whole race. Gloves and knee pads are compulsory during race runs. Full face helmets, back protection and elbow pads are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.

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