New QMTBC Caps!

QMTBC are trying out the idea of selling some caps to go with our amazingly popular t shirts. We recently had a dozen test caps made up and as you can see from the pictures they are pretty smart!  The 12 we had made up got snapped up pretty quick so our merchandise guy Allan Birkett is gonna get 24 more black ones made up and 12 grey with black writing.... why so many you ask?  Well Allan was chatting with Tom and we decided that since Bike week is coming up it would be good to have some on sale at each event.  The price through the club will be $45 dollars and might be available from QT bike shops soon but for now you will need to email to get hold of one.  We will try to get a paypal buy now button thingy on the website ASAP.  The caps are top quality flexfit 210 fitted caps.  

2 thoughts on “New QMTBC Caps!

  1. Any chance of getting the Tee’s available online too? Oh, and I’ll bring the hat over Jordan, do you want my address to send the tickets my flight over?

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