Wed Dig: Moonlight Track finished, now for Rude Rock

Fix up on rude rock on Wednesday night. Meet at the top car park at 6. Huge thanks to all who helped out on the moonlight track. It was a tough job logistically to have good impact on evening digs when we got further in but we got some good work done, making unrideable sections rideable, armouring boggy sections and most importantly massacring any matagouri that was in danger of spiking unsuspecting riders. Overall we left the track with its classic rugged character and hopefully made it more enjoyable for lots of riders. Special prize to anyone who can clean the whole is possible now...but only just! Big thanks go to the foster family for allowing access to this old miners track and all of the loyal diggers who came out and threw some dirt.
rock path over mud
The muddy bog near the end of the singletrack is now ride-able!
Hard workers working hard...

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