Queenstown Bike Fest starts Friday!

The Bike Fest kicks off this Friday for a fun filled frolic of a couple of weeks (ish).  This year Geoff and crew seem to have organised a mostly Mountainbike festival with an international Slopestyle competition next Thursday and no less than four big mountain bike races!  Although there are a few road events scattered in there it kicks off with the Super D on Saturday for a 6 hour DH endurance marathon, the Dirtmasters DH on Wednesday, The Slopestyle on Thursday, the Enduro on Friday, Tour de Wakatipu Saturday and the Mega Avalanche on Sunday. And that's not to mention the 16inch world champs, League of gentlemen and ladies, skippers saddle shutlles, coffe rides etc... OMFG!  It's gonna be an epic week and a half!!

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