Bike festival coming events…

Despite the number of events so far the bike fest has barely begun!  As I write this the guys and gals down at the World Bar are viewing Queenstown's best bike films at the Through The Lens film competition - stay tuned for results.  Events still to come are: Wednesday:
  • 2pm  Vertigo Dirt Masters DH Race
  • 7pm  Lone Start Dirt Masters DH Race prizgiving
  • 3pm and 6pm - Teva Slopestyle practice
  • 6pm - Teva Slopestyle competition
  • 9pm - Boiler Room Slopestyle Party
  • 11am Rock 'n Roll Enduro
  • 12-2pm Bikes in the park
  • 5pm League of Ladies LoL
  • 6pm Enduro Prizegiving - Ballarat Trading Company
Saturday 8am - Tour de Wakatipi
  • 10am Practice 2pm Race R&R Sport Mega Avalanche
  • 6pm Bike Made in NZ (Mega Party)
  • 6pm to 11:30pm Queenstown Bike Festival MEGA PARTY
  • 11:30pm Buffalo Club after party party.
  • Sleep
  • Recover
  • Drink plenty of water.

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