Gorge Rd Subcommittee call for nominations

With the explosion in mountain biking in the Queenstown area there is always more to do than the management committee has time for.  The success of the DH subcommittee this year with the amazing race series they have organised has shown us a way to move forward. With this in mind we have decided to form a Subcommittee to help manage the Gorge Rd Jump park.  If you are passionate about the the park  and think you have something to offer then nominate yourself for the subcommittee. Initially the main task of the subcommittee will be to raise funds for a permanent sprinkler system and work towards having the entire park open permanently.  The subcommittee will be limited to eight members all of which need to be paid up members of the club and at least one of which needs to be on the QMTBC committee.  If there are more nominations than places we will have to hold a vote, possibly at the AGM.  

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