Lake Dispute Track re-route.

One of the clubs planned trails is to link the Lake Dispute Track to Wilson's Bay to create a longer descent and cut out the road section on the 100kph Glenorchy Road. The clubs line was to link from the last really annoying stile as you came out of Lake Dispute to an old Gold mining water race at 400m. Then ride on the water race towards Queenstown before building a flowing singletrack all the way to Wilson's Bay giving you options to link with 7mile,BoB or Gold Digger. Seems that the Department of Conservation (DoC) also had plans to re-route the Lake Dispute Track but keep the same end point on Glenorchy Road. The club sees this as good and not so good. Good as the majority of the cost will be saved leaving the club with less funds to raise to complete the link to Wilson's Bay. Not so good as we would like to see a twisty singletrack through the beautiful beech forest and manuka groves which may not be the end result. The club are consulting with DoC to ensure that mountain bikers are well represented during the construction of the new track. We think that this trail will be well used by mountain bikers and it is very important that it is designed and built with us lot in mind. We know people love the current downhill down the ridge and don't worry that will still be there. Although we think that the track will offer some great benefits such as.
  • A longer better bang for your buck descent on the 7mile-Bob-Gold Digger-Moke- Dispute loop or for riders coming out of the moonlight
  • A climbable trail from Wilson's Bay to Lake Dispute and eventually linking into an epic backcountry loop in the mt.crichton/Bob's Cove area.
  • A short novice loop from Wilson's Bay up GY road, up the new LD DoC track, along the water race and back to Wilson's Bay.
So far the club have been on two site visits. One to check out the line with Owen from DoC who will be supervising the build. Owen is a great guy who has ridden some of the clubs trails in the past. He will be trying his best to incorporate some of the same design principles that the club uses. On Friday we headed out to check progress on the trail. So far about 150m has been built from the bottom which was looking on the steep side for a climb. We will keep checking back to suggest some nice easy gradients and rest spots on the climb. Any comments on what you would/would not like to see. Let us know below.

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