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Getting to the top of Rude Rock
Although I was not on a bike as much as I should have been, these were some historic months for Queenstown mountain biking. Once again this summer has seen loads of friends come in to down to both ride downhill and trail bikes. From as close as Christchurch and Wellington and from as far away as Canada… The secret is out, Queenstown MTB is where it's at for Southern hemisphere riding! I have had some of my best days out on new trails, seen the build crew skills growing and the maintenance standard improve with better management. Huge credit to the Wednesday dig crew who are probably out this wednesday in force building under lights - watch this space! With trail standards like Gold Digger and Rude Rock being built we are definitely on the right track.
At the top...
We have seen the development of new trails, both club built and government funded, and a shift in the community towards biking as a sport. Friends that lived to ski and snowboard realise that you can't have better times in summer than if you get your hands on a bike. Our community scene I think is amazing, with long time residents happy to share trails and BBQ's with or friends and guests. We really outdo ourselves for hosting with many hotels and motels becoming more bike savvy and themselves getting involved in the sport as well. No one can deny that there has been a lot of mountain bikes in the Wakatipu area - hundreds of vehicles with bikes attached to the back, the roof, in the back of utes and on trailers by the van load (the typical vehicle being worth 1/5th the value of the bikes on the back of course!). With the club hitting well over 600 members we can be confident that there will be more people getting involved in the sport in the coming months and years… Dirt definitely is the new snow and you'll see loads of people in these club tees and caps… We are overwhelmed with the support and of the hundreds of tees and club clothing items that have sold we have put thousands and thousands of dollars back to the local trails in maintenance and development. Although winter is kicking off and new snow has just hit the tops of the Remarkables, there are still loads of group rides going on and the night riding has begun! If you want to get involved or want to share your group rides with the club, get in touch and we'll be happy to share with everyone. We are the lucky ones. We live in a progressive area for our sport and with the amount of drive and passion within the community and club members we are looking at some epic times ahead! So through the winter months, stay warm, ride safe, explore trails and catch up with your mates. Cheers, James Clark
Coming down Rude Rock

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