Wednesday Dig

Getting it Done!
The legendary Wednesday dig crew are still going strong on the link from Rude Rock to the Skippers Pack track. A little bit of darkness ain't going to stop these hardened diggers! We are getting out there about 5.30 and the lights come on about 6.30. We just make sure we know exactly where the trail is going before it gets dark and it works really well! Better than sitting at home watching X factor! The link is coming on really well with a nice mix of flowing singletrack, rocky drops, epic views (when it's not dark!) and few cheese wedges sprinkled in for good measure!
Awesome feed at fat badgers!
Alex Bartrum has been on quite a few digs and figured the wed crew could do with a hook up from Fat badgers so he spoke to his people and sorted out a mean Fat Badgers style feed for only $8 with epic drink specials. It's worth coming to the digs just for the apres! Big shout out to Dave Fahey and Speights for hooking up some cold beers for straight after the dig. There's rumours of Whisky for winter..... Huge thanks to anyone who has ever come out on a dig, without you there would be no new trails for everyone to shred! Same place and time this week. Follow signs from the bottom of rude rock anytime from 5.30pm. Make the dirt, move the dirt.
Light at the end of the tunnel

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