Wynyard ‘Super Booter’ rebuild!

Last week we had some of our awesome members do what awesome members do. A group of locals who love to huck themselves and learn new tricks on the 'Super Booter' in the Wynyard jump park felt it was time for an upgrade so after a few phone calls to the club asking if it was all good to fix up the jump, get access and arrange the final kicker used in the Teva Slopestyle to be used to launch local and international huckers into orbit and upside down. A digger was rented, woodchips were 'acquired', diesel was burnt, dirt was thrown, beer was drunk, drainage was improved and then the new jump was hucked. You know the work has been done well when a jump receives the backflip seal of approval on it's 3rd hit. Emmerson Wilken, what an animal! This is a great example of club members taking initiative and getting involved to make the scene better for them and benefitting the wider community at the same time. They paid for the digger hire themselves and the club has agreed to match their contribution on a project of their choosing. They also donated some good size pipe and upgraded a drain that has been a long term problem in the Wynard for years. Big thanks to Emmerson, Evan, Kelly, Jarrah, Isaac, John, Cam, Will, Josh, Pete, Mauricio, Ryan, Conor, Sam, Callum and everyone else who helped out. Sorry if i forgot anyone! If any other members have a project they want to get stuck into just hit the club up and we'll try and help out as much as we can. We are talking to Skyline and QLDC about possible building a DH trail in the Queenstown Bike Park so if you want a fresh trail up there watch this space.... email president@queenstownmtb.co.nz

2 thoughts on “Wynyard ‘Super Booter’ rebuild!

  1. Awesome work, guys! Does loaning our partners/husbands to the club on the weekend count as “helping out”?! 🙂

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