Pre-winter Maintenance

With one of the biggest mountain bike seasons ever seen in Queenstown coming to a close it's now time to do some post season/pre winter maintenance to ensure the club maintained trails come out of the winter in a reasonable state.  To that end Rude Rock is now officially closed for the winter and will get a day or two of work on it to put some water bars etc in so when the thaw comes next spring the snow and ice drains away from the track! The Wynyard will also get some love to repair it from the estimated 15,000 runs this summer (waiting on stats from the counter at the bottom), and Gold Digger is also getting some love to prepare it for winter riding!  Although these three areas have been singled out please be aware that there may be some maintenance going on on any of the club trails over the next few weeks and respect the trail crews and any temporary closures that might be necessary. Don't put away your bikes though, there's plenty of riding to be had over the winter!

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