Thinking of a Queenstown MTB trip?

Planning a mountain biking trip to Queenstown and want a few ideas?  Read on... The best bet is to pick up an MTB map from any of the Queenstown bike shops, it's produced by the club and all profits go back into the trails. All of the good stuff is on there and it makes a great memento of your trip! While you are in the bike shop you should also join the club as if you take advantage of all the club discounts around town you could easily more than pay back your $40 membership and help us maintain the trails! While here you should definitely hit:
A 'train' of bikers on Rude Rock
Rude Rock - by November 2013 the link to skippers might be complete so if the snow has all melted from Coronet Peak you should hike to the top of the ski filed for a 10k+long , 1000m+ descent to the bottom of Skippers Pack track, yee-haa! 7 Mile complete with new additions (Golddigger and B.O.B last year and Mulberry St and possibly others being built this winter) Moonlight as a there and back singletrack blast or a longer ride all the way from Arthurs point to Moke Lake/7 Mile. or even a full 60km loop from town if you don't mind a bit of road riding. Fernhill Loop for a classic old skool singletrack - goes from midway clearing in the Bike Park up (and up and up) over to Fernhill (warning this section is little maintained and full of switchbacks!) then through the Wynyard freestyle terrain park and the HUGE jumps on the 'Dream' track - might be best done in reverse or as a there and back (from bike park up to the top and then back) that way you get the awesome rooty downhill back down the FH Loop to the bike park. A Queenstown classic not to be missed! Wynyard DH Track and Jumps a bermalicious DH trail with plenty of options for medium to advanced riders, the jumps are halfway down the trail where you will also find the Mini Dream jumps as well as the massive jumps of the notorious Dream Track with huge gaps, including an awesome road gap!  Unlike the Mini Dream, the Dream Track is an experts only track please do not attempt it if you are at all unsure and for safety's sake never, ever by yourself!  If you feel the need for more jumps and have brought your hardtail jump bike with you head over to the Gorge Rd Jump Park too for some mega air time!  Even if you are not a dirt jumper Gorge is well worth a visit even if no-one is there as it really is a piece of dirt art sculpture! All of this is on the club map! A hidden gem that isn't on the map if you like some rustic DH action is on the Remarks Access Rd. Drive or ride up to the first cattle grid and follow the trails on the left just below the grid (looking down the road) to the bottom of the road, shuttle or ride back up and repeat. Take it easy on your first couple of runs because there are some gap jumps with no chicken line! Further afield Deans bank and Sticky forest in Wanaka should definitely be on your list and the trails up behind the big clock on the hill behind Alexandra if you are getting out there. Jono from Queenstown Bike Taxis does some epic trips especially if you are into DH shuttles but he also knows where all the good XC trail heads are and can drop you at the start and pick you up after too. Jono's a big supporter of the club and donates a portion of his take from club trails towards maintenance of the trails as well as volunteering himself! If you are looking for a mega backcountry heli bike experience you could also contact Greg from Fat Tyre Adventures. Greg runs some awesome heli trips and also supports the cub whenever he can. And of course if you don't want to bring your bike with you you could always hire a top quality MTB from R&R Sports, Outside Sports or Vertigo  all in the Queenstown town centre or H&Js Outdoor World out at Frankton near the airport.  All these guys are big supporters of the club and between them sign up about two thirds of our members so be warned you might just come out of the shop as a QMTBC member! And while you are in town make sure you grab a post ride beer and meal at Atlas Quenstown's best beer cafe and HUGE supporter of the MT B club - look I've even put a logo here to highlight this!  This year alone these guys were responsible for nearly $10,000 dollars of funding for the club!!!

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