Cool Runnings Tree-fall Cleared

Some time ago a bunch of trees fell over the Cool Runnings trail at 7 Mile near the intersection with the Hub.  Unfortunately it was not a simple matter of chopping up the trees to clear a path through as several others were hung up in the canopy making it a difficult and potentially dangerous operation.
No way through, and can't clear without dealing with the trees still half standing!
We needed a professional! As luck would have it one of the main organisers of this season's QT DH series also happens to be a fully qualified, fully insured, council approved arborist.  Once we got Jimmy on the job the trees were cleared quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  As a committed club volunteer Jimmy's first take on the job was to try to arrange a volunteer working bee with the club but after visiting the site and assessing the difficulty an dangers involved it quickly became clear that the job was far too dangerous to have unskilled volunteers on the ground.  Once the committee had approved the quote (complete with huge discount!) the trees were cleared in a matter of days and now we just need to arrange a working bee on Cool Runnings to clear the remaining trail of the pine needles, cones and assorted debris that have built up while it has been out of use. Watch this space for a working bee date!
Safety first! All the right safety gear and chainsaw technique.
Much better!

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