Peak to Peak coming up..

One of the few multi-sport events to feature a mountain-bike DH leg is upcoming up in August.  It may not be a super-gnarly single track DH but the Remarks ski access road provides an old school rough gravel road high speed race with some serious consequences for lack of attention!  So find a ski or boarder, paddler, runner and roadie, enter a team and drift those corners! Enter here: The latest from the race organiser:

"5 weeks to go till your favourite Winter Multisport event!

The start of the ski season has just been fantastic! Superb snow coverage for our ski fields, lots of fun to be had, and a little training maybe for the Peak to Peak. Granted, biking, kayaking and running are not quite winter sports but we are a hardy bunch, and it's a great motivation to keep in shape during the winter. What else could you possibly want to do! Watch the Tour de France on telly? Well, nothing wrong with that, especially if you ride along on your rollers or bike stand in the lounge... But coming back to the subject: the Peak to Peak is just around the corner, and we thought we'll give you a little update on what's on offer, some tips and Q&A's, and general housekeeping. See you on the 3rd August Southern Traverse Team"

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