2013 QMTBC Members Survey – Results

Here, finally, are the results of this year's membership survey we ran mid march to mid april.  The survey was wholly unscientific and based entirely on emailing a link to the online survey to all members.  A few did not receive the email (especially those with Xtra email addresses) but some of them we did get it to in the end.  However we did get 129 responses out of 650 odd members which corresponds to an error level of +/- 7.7% (according to some random website I found). The simplified results that you can easily compare with the 2011 survey are below.  Underneath this is a link to the depersonalised raw results.  Did not work, will fix when time allows. 1. What would you most like to see QMTBC energy put into? Survey results - trail work focus 2. Please indicate how often you use each of the club managed areas.  survey results - QMTBC area use 3. Should the club contribute to maintenance at the Bike Park (Ben Lomond Forest)? 4. What type of community activities would you like to see the club drive for?

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