Slip Sliding Away…

With the large amount of rain recently a few of the trails the club manages have been affected by slips.  While it is normal to get more rain at this time of year the amount of rain this year has been unusually high and the clubs trail builders as seeing as a one in five year event.  Once the slips have drained/dried out a bit we will be sending crews in to fix up and reopen the tracks.  The tracks most badly affected are: Golddigger As already noted the top half of Gold Digger got fully saturated necessitating it's closure.  Since then there has been quite a large slip fully washing away part of the track in the closed section:
golddigger slip
Large slip on Gold Digger - There should be a track there!
  Moonlight The saturated ground has also caused problems in the recently upgraded Moonlight track.  Some of the work the Wednesday night crew has put in has moved a few meters down the slope!
The track is still there... just a few meters lower!
7 Mile 7 Mile has not been as badly affected but it's best to be cautious out there at the moment especially on the track heading back to the 7 Mile carpark on the town side of 7 Mile where there is a slip getting perilously close to the side of the track.
Take care passing this.
Some work has started already but the larger slips will be dealt with from mid to late August once the danger of more major rain is reduced and the slips get a change to drain and the water table falls back a bit.

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