Wednesday Digs – Get Some Instant Awesome!

The Wednesday dig crew are awesome!  You can be awesome too, all you have to do turn up at 5:30pm Wednesdays at the Wilson Bay carpark and shift some dirt - it's the easiest way to get awesome ever!  No training required, no practice required, you don't have to spend years of hard back breaking work slowly building your awesomeness, just turn up - instant awesome!!! The recently finished Mulberry St link between Bliss and Loop 7 is  the awesomest pubic MTB track completed in Queenstown in the last few months  - get in there and ride it now so you can experience the development of it as it beds in!  Then once you are inspired get along to the Wednesday dig and help on the next awesome track - a downhill link from the top of Bliss to meet up with Mulberry Street.

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