New bridge for Wynyard DH

The long low bridge in the bottom section of the Wynyard DH has just been replaced by the club with a strong, long lasting one.  The bridge has required constant attention over the years as it has mostly been made from a mixture of found and donated materials.  The new bridge has been designed to last 10 years needing little to no maintenance except maybe some new netting every now and then.  This will not only be cheaper in the long run but allow the club to focus precious volunteer hours on other tasks.  Nathan from Phatlines did a great job of shopping around for the best deal on materials and balancing paid professional work with some youth volunteers to get the job done at a sharp price for such a piece of solid long lasting engineering. Next up for the Wynyard is replacing a couple more of the tiny 'found material' drainage pipes that keep getting blocked with some decent size ones to allow the water to flow off the track and mini dream much better. Pics of the new Bridge going in...

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