QLDC Supports QMTBC with maintenance grant

The QLDC have recently completed their 2013/2014 annual plan process and have decided to assist the club with maintenance on Gorge Rd, Wynyard Freestyle area and the Wynyard DH track to the tune of a $7,500 grant.  The QMTBC have been submitting a request to the council for the last six years but it seems that the excellent work by our club president Tom Hey on this years proposal has finally paid off.  Of course the massive boost in bike numbers has undoubtedly played its part along with our huge increase in members peaking at 650 this year.  With this many members the mountain bike club must be one of the larger sports clubs in Queenstown now showing the council and other potential partners that there is demand for great mountain bike trails a well as great gravel bike paths. In her letter to the club informing us of the decision Mayor Vanessa van Uden said: "Council has approved $7,500 for the Gorge Road Jump Park, Wynyard Downhill Track and Wynyard Freestyle. The Council would like to acknowledge the contribution that the Club continues to make to this growing sport. The voluntary hours are exceptional. Although this money has been made available, Council wanted to note that the Club needed to work within its resourcing capabilities."  

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