First 2014 bikes start trickling in: Trek Remedy 29er @ R&R

full suspension long travel mountain bike
2014 Trek Remedy 29er at R&R Sport Queenstown
All the bike shops in town are great supporters of the club and they all stock awesome ranges of bikes.  This is the first of a new series to keep you up to date with the new season bikes as they hit the ground in Queenstown.  First up the new 2014 Trek Remedy 29er:  That's right, the classic all mountain 26er Trek Remedy gets big wheels! The new Remedy 29er, 140mm, fast, agile and just keeps on rolling. As test ridden by in-house R&R Sport mechanic Mat Weir and available from September. Currently, only Mats bike (pictured) is here, but he rides it in most days so if you go in and ask you can check it out. Shop floor models will be available in Sept. and yes, R&R do have a demo coming, and they will be here for the demo day on October 25th out at 7 Mile.

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