AGM and committee elections next week!

The AGM date is as it has been for several months - next Thursday September 26.  The venue has been confirmed as The Find on 53 Shotover Street (the Old Revolver)  from 7pm sharp (ie NOT Queenstown time!).  Please aim to be there by 6:30pm so you have time to get a drink and we can start on time as they have other events on later in the evening. It's looking like for the first time ever we are gong to get more people standing for the committee than there are places on it.  This means we will be having an election - woo-hoo!    If you want to stand please, please let the secretary know this week ( or 027 268 7238) so we can prepare ballots etc as any election needs to be a secret ballot and to be eligible to vote you must be a current paid up member of the QMTBC.  You will also be given the oppertunity to submit a short written statement as to why people should vote for you which will be included in next weeks email newsletter (published on Monday night). To be nominated for any of the positions you must be a current paid up member of the club and be nominated by a current member and seconded by a current member.  If you are standing it would also help if you could let us know in advance who nominated and seconded you. The positions available for nomination are:
  • President (Currently Tom Hey - re-standing)
  • Treasurer (Currently Andy Richardson - re-standing)
  • Secretary (Currently Brendhan Callaghan - re-standing)
  • and Five general committee members (Currently: Fraser Gordon, Nathan Greenwood, Lance Brown, Jono Head, James Clark)
At this stage we are only aware of one general committee member from this year not re-standing (Jono Head).
So how does it work?  Below is a summary of the constitutional rules around the committee elections at the AGM.
In the constitution we have three offices that need to be filled (President, Treasurer and Secretary) and up to five general committee positions allowed for a maximum of 8 committee members. The bottom line is that if the President, Treasurer and Secretary positions are not contested then the nominated person is automatically elected. If we get five or less nominations for general committee positions those nominated are automatically elected. If we get more than one nomination for any of the three offices or more than five nominations for general positions then we need to have a secret ballot for those offices or positions. For example it is currently looking like there will be no additional nominations for the three required roles (President, Treasurer, Secretary) but it looks like there may by 7 or more standing for the general committee.  In this case the three positions will not require a vote and will be automatically re-elected.  The 7 people standing for the general committee will be given the opportunity to address the meeting followed by a secret ballot for general positions and the five who get the most votes in a secret ballot will be elected. It's not rocket science so hopefully we will be able to manage it!  

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