The QMTBC is in your hands – Vote on Thursday!

At the AGM this Thursday the future of the club will be decided - for the next year at least.  Come along and help decide who will be on the club committee and therefore make decisions on YOUR behalf.  There are seven club members standing for the five general committee positions to go along with the three offices (President, Treasurer and Secretary).  We need at least 25 members to show up but the more the better! There will of course be the Presidents address summing up the previous year's activities, the presentation of the annual financial report and possibly some other exciting updates. If you are very lucky there might even be some website stats!  - The Find 53 Shotover Street from 7pm - Sharp! Here is a list of cub members nominated for the committee with some statements/introductions below: President: Tom Hey Treasurer: Andy Richardson Secretary: Brendhan Callaghan General committee positions (max 5):
  • Nathan Greenwood
  • Bruce Mcleod
  • Allan Birkett
  • Jimmy Carling
  • Zak Burnett
  • Fraser Gordon
  • Pete McInally
  • James Clark
 General Committee Nominee - Jimmy Carling "My aim with being on the committee is to streamline my current involvement in the club. From general club matters, to event organising, fundraising and trail based ideas, I believe I can represent the QMTBC members and the sport that they all love in an open and honest fashion. I feel driven to deliver great value to QMTBC and would relish the opportunity to work with a cohesive and well rounded committee. My application is legitimate and in the name of serving the greater good for the local biking community, and if I am granted a successful chunk of members votes, I would return the honour in the form of unconditional hard work." General Committee Nominee - Pete McInally I wish to be elected to the committee as I'd like to be a part of the club continuing the growth of mountain biking in the Wakatipu. Tom and his helpers have got the single track building under control and I would like to stand for being a voice for dirt jumping and freeride at the committee level.I have experience as a committee member of the Southern Lakes Windsurf club and during this time we arranged the purchase of the clubs own boat so I enjoy the challenge of fund raising and spending the clubs money wisely. My passion is riding Wynyard and Gorge and I would like to see Gorge Rd's small line be made even better for kids and learners so its open to all abilities. I first started dirt jumping with my son so would like to encourage family involvement and maybe have monthly learner days where club members do some coaching.
General Committee Nominee - Allan Birkett "I am putting my name forward to be part of the QMTBC committee as I feel I can make a positive contribution to the shaping of mountain biking in the Queenstown region.
 My current role as Merchandise manager has been a rewarding experience and I would like to build on this by having a more active role in the club."
   General Committee Nominee - Bruce Mcleod Bruce is a long time resident of Queenstown and a long time member of the club. As a Survey consultant and backcountry adventurer there are very few people in Queenstown who know the surrounding area as well as Bruce. He was instrumental in gaining resource consent for the hugely popular Rude Rock trail completing all of the Survey work required at no cost to the club. More recently he has been working on linking the bottom of the Skippers pack track to the Macetown Rd via Greengates huts and Deep Creek working with the land owner, DOC, LINZ and the QLDC to ensure the trail becomes the best backcountry mountain bike trail possible. As a member of the QMTBC committee he would be in a position to bring the club right to the table in these negotiations. As fan of getting the job done and after attending a recent committee meeting Bruce's comment was: "From my brief observation I think there needs to be a re-focus on what the club is trying to achieve starting with a review of the constitution objectives. Then it’s a matter of setting some simple and achievable goals and a sound budget to meet the objectives." General Committee Nominee - James Clark "Dear citizens and riders of bikes My name is James Clark and I am standing to represent mountain biking as a fun, accessible and community sport. My goal is to get people excited about mountain biking, get involved with the community of bikers in Queenstown and work with our president and committee to develop our trail and bike area access/use. I have been riding bikes all around the country and the world for 15 years - I understand events, trail building and bikes. I would be stoked to continue to grow the awareness of biking in the community for you. Vote for me. Thanks!"

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