And the committee is…

The votes are in, the ballots have been counted (twice) and all the numbers added up.  It was a closely contested election with the difference between being on the committee and not coming down to just three votes! The Committee for the 2013/14 year of the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club is... President: Tom Hey Treasurer: Andy Richardson Secretary: Brendhan Callaghan General committee members:
  • Bruce Mcleod
  • Jimmy Carling
  • Fraser Gordon
  • Pete McInally
  • James Clark

2 thoughts on “And the committee is…

  1. Congrats guys!

    Looking forward to the year ahead and already thankful for the hard work you will put in over the next 12 months!

    Talking of thanks! Would like to say a big thanks to Lance and Nathan for the last 10 years+ of hard graft they have put in to help establishing queenstown as a ‘go to’ destination for all things bicycling. I am sure they will keep putting in the hard yards for the next 10 years+ as well!! great effort chaps!


  2. No girls!!! Come one ladies for next year!
    Congrats though guys, thanks for representing! All the best with the next 12 months!

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