Help the club – drink beer @ Atlas!

Not content with donating $5000 to the Wynyard AGAIN this year AND organising a start of season fundraising dinner that raised more than $4000 for the club, Atlas are now donating $1 from every pint of Emmersons beer sold in Octobeer to the QMTBC!!!  So get down to Atlas for a late start to Oktoberfest and enjoy your responsible drinking while helping out the club. We are all totally overwhelmed by the generosity of Davey and the crew from Atlas and combined with the fact that they only sell the best quality beer and food have no hesitation in recommending, no, insisting that anyone who has an interest in mountain biking in Queenstown should get down there for a beer/cider (they usually have a great cider on tap in the summer) and maybe a meal and personally thank whomever is on the bar at the time! Thanks Atlas - legends!

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