Kelly McGarry 2nd at Red Bull Rampage! (including video)

Nelson native, QMTBC member and Queenstown summer resident, Kelly McGarry just placed 2nd in the 2013 Red Bull rampage in Virgin, Utah, with an epic back-flip off the 72ft (22m) road gap. The Red Bull Rampage is the biggest event in the Freeride mountain bike world.  Mountain bikers across  NZ are stoked to see Kelly up there where he deserves to be especially all the friends he has made in Queenstown his adopted off-season home and training location. This is a massive result and couldn't happen to a nicer guy, Kelly was the only competitor from the Southern hemisphere in the competition and has been getting national and international coverage since. Check out his full run below:

One thought on “Kelly McGarry 2nd at Red Bull Rampage! (including video)

  1. Congrats mate !!! Well deserved and might I add , FRIGGING BIG BALLS TO HIT THAT UP MAN !!!! Respect man !!! Stay safe and I look forward to catching up at PMP when u next in Auckland 🙂 chur Pmpete

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